In December of 1974, a Chicano engineering student at UC Davis, Humberto Rincon, saw the need for unity amongst the Chicano/Latino students in the sciences and engineering fields. He felt together, the Chicano and Latino engineering and science students could fulfill the needs they were lacking on the UC Davis campus unity and representation.
Seeing these needs, Humberto Rincon, with the help and support of former Dean of Engineering at UC Davis-Professor John Kemper, and five fellow study partners formed the Chicano and Latinos in engineering and sciences and acquire the representation they needed to begin to increase their number on the Davis campus.

CALESS was founded on these objectives:

-Provide support to the members through social gatherings

-Establish scholarships for members who strive to further the objectives of CALESS

-Help members obtain summer and permanent employment

-Provide study sessions for our members

-Tutor high school students for the benefits of advancing Chicanos and Latinos to higher education.

-Recruit potential Hispanic High School Students into the fields of Engineering and Sciences

-Interact with other school chapters to achieve unity and retention of Chicano and Latino in Engineering and Science at Davis and other chapters.

In 1975 CALESS became an official organization at the University of California at Davis, being officially accepted as a member of Engineering Joint Council and appointed to the Student Advisory Board to the Chancellor.

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