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What does CALESS mean to you?

Daniela Garcia

Alumni, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Concord, California

CALESS means familia, support, and fun! It means I do not have to be afraid to ask for help or to be myself. It gives me a sense of community and belonging in an environment that can too often be unforgiving. It makes me happy to look around at a meeting or event and see people just like you (beautiful), struggling with the same things you are, and to also see people who have done what you are doing, and made it through successfully.



IMG_0330Alexandria Rodriguez

4th year, Mechanical Engineering

Bakersfield, California

CALESS is familia, my home away from home. I am constantly surrounded by determined, hardworking, and outstanding individuals who push me to be the best version of myself. This organization has given me life-long friendships and the resources needed to make it through college. Not only have the members supported me through difficult times, but they also stand by my side as we ensure a cohesive unity together. I have gained so much knowledge that has shaped me into a better student, leader, and person.


PhotoEmmanuel Andrade
4th year, Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science
Los Angeles (Montebello)
CALESS is more than just a club to me. Because of CALESS, my transition to the college environment has been a smooth one. With its roots embedded in social, academic, and professional support, my involvement with CALESS has influenced my college experience in more ways than one. Socially, CALESS played a huge role helping me adjust to the cultural diversity. Upon coming to the university, I unfortunately fell victim to culture shock and I felt lost and culturally disconnected. Thanks to CALESS I was able to find comfort and ease my way into it. CALESS has also played a substantial role in aiding with my academics. I was not used to the college setting and I struggled academically. Thankfully, because of CALESS, I found a community of individuals I could either study with or get help from. Professionally, CALESS has given me the opportunity to go to national conferences and network with individuals all around the country. CALESS has been an important part of my college experience and personal development. I am very thankful to be a part of such an amazing group of individuals. Because of CALESS I know I have a community that I can always rely on. They are my friends, my support system, and my family away from home.




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